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Cam Why we have paused posting Cam recordings

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Mar 7, 2021
Due to the current circumstances (chia mining) storage servers have doubled or even tripled in price over the last few months.

We were lucky we had planned the growth ahead of time and have sufficient storage for all the forum's attachments and future attachments.

For the time being we will pause posting cam recordings simply because they are really heavy, cam girls often are live for 5+ hours streaming at 1080p which makes a big file. We care about quality and we don't want to downscale the footage.

We don't want to rely 100% of all the videos posted throughout the forum to third parties such as doodstream that we already use.

We were using mystream for this, but it seems it has died. Hence the explanation above, we don't want to use a single 3rd party. We rather have our own servers.
Not open for further replies.